Time for BJP Govt to face the music for its poor performance and allopposition: Gujarat Former CM Shankersinh Vaghela

The time has come to remind Prime Minister Narendra Modi of my words spoken as a representative of the people and Leader of the Opposition during his farewell in the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha on May 21, 2014 when he was demitting office as chief minister while heading to Delhi.

I had then said that for the promises he has made in abundance, now that he and his party are in power both in majority states of India and the Centre, I shall seek accountability from him, of course after giving him enough time to prove himself. Now with just about six months left of his five year term, I now present myself to seek that ‘account’ on behalf of the people of Gujarat and India.

After the 2014 general elections, it was not that he moved from Gujarat alone on his election as Prime Minister. An entire army of political loyalists and bureaucrats owing personal allegiance to him rather than to the state, moved to Delhi along with him. These were the very people who had helped him consolidate his hold over power in the state while turning Gujarat into a ‘model’ of malgovernance, mounting public debt and empty grand-standing. With additions,these were taken along to Delhi for a repeat of the same performance’ nationwide in flagrant violation of constitutional norms and democratic values.

It is distressing to notice that popular attention is being sought to be diverted from total failure of the BJP government on basic issues confronting the nation like education, health, employment, soaring prices, national security,individual and human rights by propagating issues like ,’Gai, Ganga, Dadri, Babri and love Jihad’.When in the Opposition, the falling value of the rupee was equated with plummeting national prestige.What about now? Why is the Prime Minister silent now?Is national honour not being compromised now? The prime minister was very fond of fault finding with the Centre over price rise when he was chief minister.Now as Prime Minister he is tongue tied when soaring prices of essential commodities, petrol,diesel and cooking gas are touching an all-time high. “Beware Highly Inflammable” this is the tagline for the current BJP government just how it is on the fuel tankers that are used to transport diesel and petrol.

After promising jobs to two crore youth every year, they are thereafter being advised to sell pakodas and market gutter gas.Whatever happened to Lokpal and women’s reservation?The bullet train dream sellers of kashi-kyoto(Japan)-Ganga cleaning fame, made tall claims to be a government of game changers but have ended up only as name changers of UPA government schemes. As for Sardar Patel’s statue which was billed to be twice the size of the statue of Liberty, is being made in China, so much for made-in India ! The prime minister is once again using his formulae of marketing via repackaging of schemes rather than any real on-ground substantial growth or development.This BJP government is all about marketing and packaging but not products.

For the first time after 1925, the headquarters of the RSS seems to have shifted from Nagpur to south block in New Delhi. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwatji who advocated changes in the RSS in keeping with the changing times now seems to have been drawn into the power trap, moving from ‘satta’ as ‘sadhan to ‘satta’ as ‘sadhya’.Using the precincts of the high security zone located Vigyan bhavan to read out a BJP government script is a vain attempt at taking people for a ride. It also indicates that Bhagwatji’s priority is not the rehabilitation of the Kashmiri pandits in the valley but the continuance of BJP in power in central government in Delhi.The RSS supremo should clarify as to why a person who fearlessly toured the country throughout UPA rule ,requires the highest grade of security when his own ‘pracharak’rules the country. What could be the reason for such a fear now, entailing spending of hard earned tax payers money. And also if the RSS head is not safe in the rule of the so called ‘Hindu HridaySamrat’ what about the safety of the common man.

Those who have been claiming to get underworld don,Dawood Ibrahim to stand trial in India are the ones who have a history of releasing terrorists like Azhar Masood .The BJP is complicit in the release of MasaratAlam and in giving the status of a martyr to Burhan Wani.The price of landing up in Lahore uninvited to cut a cake of then PM of Pakistan, has been paid with the cutting of theheads of our soldiers.One would want to know the whereabouts of the language expert who tutored the prime minister in replying to Pakistan in it’s own language?Let alone China and Pakistan,now even small countries like Nepal and Maldives are showing eyes to India,so colossalhas been failure of strategic initiatives under the present government.

The country is passing through trying times. All and everyone-society, religions and castes-are in turmoil.The farmer is distressed and suicides are increasing. Constitutional bodies are being grossly misused and sloganeering(Jumlebaazi) is merely a self-marketing gimmick to desperately polish a fast fading political image.
All the issues enumerated here, have nationally generated a great feeling of anger against this government and an impatient public is looking for an alternative in a united national opposition.I have travelled across country to meet with the regional stalwarts in different states and received assurances to unite in this fight against the menace of BJP. The united oppositiongovernment will be a stable alternative working with a focused program towards the steady growth and development for a prosperous future for the people of India.

In this backdrop, the role of the parties in opposition to the BJP government is very crucial. Now even the constituent parties of the NDA,after their first-hand experience of the present government are also moving away. It is the need of the hour for the Opposition to unite and the regional parties must also play an important role in it.

The demand of the time is to form a single, united alternative opposed to BJP.And keeping this in mind I have decided to work for forging closer unity amongst the’Mahagathbandhan’ towards providing an effective and result-oriented stable alternative.

The 2019 general elections is a fight between the PM of India V/s People of India. I appeal to all political leaders and parties opposed to the BJP to sacrifice their personal and party interests for this larger cause.All anti-BJP parties need to forge a united opposition and work on a common minimum programme to abide by the expectations of the people to engage the BJP in a one to one fight in the upcoming Lok Sabha general elections.